Tool name What is it? How can you use it? Examples
  • How do I love thee, let me count the ways! This web and mobile app helps you keep track of your notes, ideas, documents, images, and more. Highlight bits of web pages you want to save and clip directly to Evernote. Install the software and apps on every device you own and your notes will be with you everywhere. Everything is synchronized to your main account on the web. Content can be shared with others if you like.  Free & Premium versions. Introductory Tour (link gives you a free month of premium)
  • Free mobile app that turns your twitter stream, rss feeds and other news sources into a magazine type of reading experience.


Reading Pack
  • Handy place to send articles for reading later (like Pocket & Instapaper)
  • But also has networking/discovery aspects.
  • Don’t have time to read all the interesting articles you run across during the day? Just click on your Instaper bookmarklet and they’re saved to your Instapaper account. Read them later via a web page or a mobile app. Stories can also be sent to your Kindle.


  • Like Instapaper, saves articles for later reading. Best feature is the browser tool bar button that transforms a web page into a distraction free reading experience.


  • Chrome browser add-on. Saves all your open tabs to a single list and closes them, your browser will love you for it.
  • Create custom lists for different projects. Open only what you need.
  • Create lists and share them too.
ifttt – If This Then That
  • A magic tool that simply takes care of repetitive tasks for you.
  • For example, let it monitor Amazon’s feed of free books and send you an email when there’s a new one.
  • Or if you see something on twitter that catches your eye, fave it and ifttt can send it to your Evernote account for you to check out later.
  • When I post something to delicious, ifttt also posts it to my diigo account, which keeps my bookmarks safely stored in two places.
  • There are thousands of ideas for using ifttt. Spend a few minutes exploring their tools and recipes to see how useful this can be.


  • Like IFTTT, but has some channels that IFTTT doesn’t include
  • Only 5 free recipes or “zaps” as they’re called, 5 hour synch
  • Fee for more zaps and 15 minute synch.
  • Billed as the “business” IFTTT
Bliss Control
  • Easily manage all your social network settings from one screen.
  • A handy and very simple to-do list that synchronizes between your various devices.
  • Send text messages to a group of people without needing to know their phone numbers.
  • Recipients opt-in, great for school use. Also for any group texting setting. Library patrons, parents, teen groups.
  • Only the person who will be sending the texts needs to set up a free account.
  • Recipients can opt for email or text notifications. and bitly
  • Link shorteners – handy if you need to send out a link that is very long and likely to break in the middle.


  • Incredibly simple way to share files up to 2GB in size. No signup required.
  • Fill in form and file is uploaded, held for 7 days.
  • URL to download the file.
  • Handy free document sharing. Up to 250 MB for free, without any signup. Up to 2 GB with registration. Files stored for 7 days.
Volunteer Spot
  • Free and easy online sign up sheets, volunteer scheduling software, and volunteer management software help coordinate parents and volunteers quickly and easily.
  • Handy for those times when you need an ‘fake’ email address for those times when you don’t want to use your real email address.
  • MailDrop gives you a random email address or you can make up your own:  Your inbox on this service is limited to 10 messages, if you don’t access it within 24 hours, the emails are deleted.
  • No security, so don’t use it for anything important.
  • Similar sort of service that has been around for a long time.
  • Load page, receive a random email address. Any email sent to the page will be there for 10 minutes.
  • Time can be extended with the click of a link.
  • Handy for using in workshops where students don’t have access to their email.

3 Responses to Productivity

  1. Doodle and Neetomeet for scheduling groups

  2. File conversion tools:
    – Zamzar – free for files under 50 MB. Subscription pricing for larger files
    – Free File Converter –

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